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The Best OTG Ski Goggles in 2023

by Grant Draper
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OTG (over the glasses) ski goggles are specifically designed for people wearing glasses when skiing or snowboarding. Typically, they’ll have a bigger than normal frame, which doesn’t just help with fit, but also ventilation. And that’s going to mean less chance of them steaming up. 

Our guide to the best OTG ski goggles covers our top pick, but a few notable mentions from leading brands too.

Bottom Line

If you laid out every single one of the best OTG ski goggles on the market in front of you, you’d be presented with 100s of different products, from a ton of brands. The likes of Giro, Smith, Oakley, Electric, Dragon, Volcom and Salomon all produce quality products. But which one is right for YOU?

We’ve included 5 different OTG ski goggles below, designed exclusively for those wearing glasses whilst skiing. Brands include Smith, Oakley, Giro and Spy Optics. 

Our pick? The best OTG goggles on the market today are the Oakley Flight Deck.

Oakley Flight Deck OTG goggles are the perfect solution for those who wear glasses but don't want to compromise on vision while skiing. The OTG (over the glasses) design allows for a comfortable fit over most prescription eyewear, providing clear and vivid vision on the mountain.

One of the standout features of the Oakley Flight Deck OTG goggles is their Prizm lens technology, which enhances color contrast and definition, providing superior vision in any light condition. The lens is also treated with an anti-fog coating to prevent fogging, and ventilation ports ensure proper airflow, keeping vision clear during intense skiing sessions.

The goggles feature triple-layer foam padding that conforms to your face, providing a comfortable and snug fit. The strap is also adjustable, allowing for a secure fit over any helmet.

The Oakley Flight Deck OTG goggles are available at a premium price point, starting at around $200. However, their advanced technology and superior performance make them a great investment for skiers and snowboarders who demand the best from their gear.

Overall, the Oakley Flight Deck OTG goggles are a top-of-the-line option for skiers and snowboarders who wear glasses. They offer advanced technology, superior performance, and a comfortable and secure fit that ensures clear and vivid vision on the mountain.

These are the Top OTG Ski Goggles Right Now

Although the Oakley Flight Deck comes up trumps, any goggles on this list aren’t going to steer you far wrong. We'd be over the moon if any of them magically appeared in our Christmas stocking!

  1. Smith Skyline XL - Best for large glasses
  2. Oakley Flight Deck -  Best OTG ski goggles overall
  3. Spy Optics Marauder - Top pick for flat light
  4. Giro Article - Most unique design
  5. Oakley Line Miner - Best under $200

How We Picked

Alongside years hitting the slopes (so personal experience), we spent over 15 hours researching the intricate product features of each set of OTG goggles. We then considered ski goggle brand prestige, price and reviews from existing customers to shortlist the 5 sets of OTG ski goggles we’ve got for you here.

Reviews: This Year’s Top OTG Ski Goggles

1. Smith Skyline XL

smith ski goggles over glasses

With the Smith Skyline XL OTG goggles, you’ll be getting change from $200, as well as a lifetime warranty. But what does that actually get you?

The large OTG frame size incorporates a Responsive Fit™ technology. That flexes with the contours of your face. That combined with a ChromaPop™ lens (which filters light for optimum vision) means that you’ll have an almost perfect fit, even when wearing glasses.

Fit is comfortable thanks to 3-layer DriWix foam, which helps wick away moisture. And it’s all topped off with a Fog-X anti fog lens, so you won’t have any trouble when it comes to steaming up.

You’ll get a Quick Fit strap thanks to the clip buckle, but more importantly, the Smith Skyline XL OTG goggles are helmet compatible and completely adjustable.

Looking for a set of OTG ski goggles and not taken by the Oakley Flight Deck? The Smith Optics Skyline XL are the goggles for you.

Best for large glasses
SMITH Skyline XL Ski Goggles

Large OTG frame size, helmet compatible, and completely adjustable.

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2. Oakley Flight Deck

oakley flight deck ski goggles for glasses

Now for the Holy Grail; the Oakley Flight Deck. We’re marking these as the best OTG ski goggles on the market today, and here’s why. 

The frame on the Oakley Flight Deck has been developed using 3D CAD to ensure the perfect fit; and they can be used without a helmet. Better still, they’re not uncomfortable like a lot of helmet compatible goggles, and they have an almost sealed (but comfortable) face fit, so hardly any moisture enters the inside of the goggles (and that helps to stop them from fogging up).

What we really like about the Oakley Flight Deck goggles, is the rimless design. This adds just that little bit extra in terms of peripheral vision, and a ton more than your average set of $80-100 ski goggles.

Oakley have used dual lenses which come complete with a F3™ anti fog coating. Put simply, anything below 2ml of moisture on the lens isn’t going to cause any fogging. And the clarity of vision is better than any on the market thanks to the lens’ HDO®. That’s not just going to offer perfect vision, it’s going to filter out 100% of UV rays (which can’t be said for cheap OTG ski goggles).

Triple layered face foam, dual vented lenses and anti fog coating basically means that steaming up on the slopes (yes, even when wearing glasses), is a thing of the past.

Manufacturers like Smith offer a lifetime warranty, which is unrivalled. That’s the only downside to the Oakley Flight Deck; you only get a 1-year warranty. 

However, looking at reviews, price, anti fog and vision tech, comfort and fit; the Oakley Flight Deck are by far the best OTG ski and snowboard goggles on the market today. 

3. Spy Optics Marauder

spy optics marauder ski goggles for glasses

Not taken by any products on the list so far? Time to check out the Spy Marauder.

Whilst they don’t get the rave reviews or have the feature list of the Oakley Flight Deck, they’re still one of the best ski goggles for those that wear glasses. 

You’ll get a frame that’s helmet compatible, and flexes to fit your face; a great fit whether you wear a helmet or not. And naturally, the frame design is much larger than a typical ski goggle, to accommodate your glasses.

The next most important thing after the frame? The lens. And Spy has gone all out with an anti fog lens that incorporates Happy Lens™ tech. Essentially, it makes vision crisper, but doesn’t compromise on safety, offering up to 100% UV protection on the slopes.

What we don’t like? The Spy Marauders use a cylindrical lens rather than spherical lens. These don’t offer the clearest of views, and certainly don’t compare to a spherical lens incorporated into the Oakley Flight Deck design.

However, the triple layered foam combined with the RISE™ Ventilation System and the anti fog coating mentioned above, means the Spy goggle's ability to ward off fogging, is up there with the best.

Whilst you’ll save around $30 in comparison to the Oakley Flight Deck, we see the additional features of the Oakleys as being well worth the cash, so we’d pay the extra.

Top pick for flat light
SPY Optic Marauder Snow Goggle

Spy has gone all out with an anti fog lens that incorporates Happy Lens™ tech.

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4. Giro Article

giro article otg glasses goggles

The design of the Giro Article OTG goggles are one of the best on the list. But that’s not the only reason why they’re here. For a sub $200 pair of OTG goggles, they’re packed full of features.

Giro’s test lab, well, tested hard, and settled on incorporating the EXV (Expansion View Frame) in the Giro Article, meaning you get that little bit of extra peripheral vision, not to mention a super comfy fit thanks to the Super Fit™ technology and triple layer foam with a soft microfleece cover; these are one of the most comfortable OTG goggles on the market.

We know the lens on OTG ski goggles is important, and so does Giro. They’ve made sure their lenses are easily changed, thanks to the Slash Seal Lens Changing system; switching lenses is a breeze. And the standard lens is packed full of features; it’s spherical shape means vision is crisp, and it also increases interior volume. That combined with an anti fog coating and breathable face foam means no more goggles steaming up!

You’ll grab a lifetime warranty for free with your purchase, and the Giro Article OTG is compatible with any Giro ski helmet.

Looking for a sub $200 OTG goggle with an epic design? The Giro Article goggles get our vote.

Most unique design
Giro Article Snow Goggles

For a sub $200 pair of OTG goggles, they’re packed full of features.

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5. Oakley Line Miner

cheap oakley otg ski goggles

It’s going to come as no surprise that Oakley OTG ski goggles get rave reviews across the internet. Whilst Oakley Flight Deck are the best, they’re not exactly cheap.

Want an alternative that’s packed full of features, and could represent a saving of around $50? Look no further than the Oakley Line Miner, coming with a free 2-year warranty.

You’ll get all the usual features of any quality OTG ski goggle including helmet compatibility, and a flexible frame that’s going to give the perfect fit.

Tech in the lens consists of HDO® which improves vision clarity and blocks 100% of UV rays. And if you ski snowboard in a range of conditions, you’ll be able to quickly change lenses; any Prizm™ lens from Oakley will fit!

Anti fog wise, you’ll get a dual pane lens and that’s inclusive of an anti fog coating (much like the Oakley Flight Deck). And, that’s complemented by the dual vents and vented triple layer face foam.

Looking for a cheaper alternative to the Oakley Flight Deck, but want UV filtering, anti fog capabilities and increased peripheral vision when wearing glasses? The Oakley Line Miners are the OTG ski goggles for you!

Best under $200
Oakley Line Miner Ski Goggles

Dual pane lens and that’s inclusive of an anti fog coating.

Check Price (Amazon) Check Price (EVO.com)
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In Summary

We’ve used personal experience and hours of research to shortlist the 5 OTG ski goggles listed here. 

If you want the best OTG ski goggles on the market and budget isn’t an object, we’d be heading for the Oakley Flight Deck

Want ski goggles offering similar features to the Oakley Flight Deck, but don’t have the budget? The Oakley Line Miner OTG goggles are the only ones that come close, and you’ll get plenty of change from $200.

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OTG Ski Goggles FAQ

What are OTG ski goggles?

OTG stands for over the glasses. Normal ski goggles are uncomfortable to wear with glasses due to their small frame size. OTG ski goggles tend to have a bigger frame and therefore, lens size. Not only will they be comfortable to wear with glasses, you’ll have a wider field of vision. And due to increased ventilation, they’re less likely to steam up than normal ski goggles.

How do you keep OTG ski goggles from fogging whilst skiing and snowboarding?

A quality set of OTG ski goggles shouldn’t steam up. If they give the right fit, incorporate the correct foam technology and have an anti fog lens, fogging should be a thing of the past. We’ve created a guide to anti fog ski goggles here. 

Which OTG goggles are suitable for large glasses?

Our pick is the Oakley Flight Deck, as they offer enough room for even large glasses. However, the Smith Skyline XL OTG offers a similar amount of space, so are suitable for large glasses.

What VLT lens should I get for my OTG ski goggles?

The standard lens provided with your new goggles from top manufacturers such as Oakley and Smith will be fine for an average day on the slopes. If the sun is glaring like crazy, or it’s overcast slash dark, you’ll need to change lenses; we’ve created a VLT lens rating guide here.

Do beginners need goggles for skiing?

Goggles don’t just help your eyes from watering when picking up speed. They’ll protect you from UV rays, as well as any ice or stones flicked up by other skiers and snowboarders. Whilst they’re not essential, we’d always advise wearing ski goggles on the slopes, regardless of your skill level.

How much do ski goggles cost?

Ski goggles cost from as little as $50. But, if you want something that really protects you from UV rays, doesn’t fog and is going to stand the test of time, from a leading brand, you should expect to pay somewhere in the region of $150-250. An example would be the Oakley Flight Deck that M.S.R.P at $210.