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A Super-Quick Guide to Ski Pole Sizing [chart included]

by Grant Draper
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Asking yourself what size ski poles you need? This quick-fire and straight to the point guide explains:

  • What size ski poles you need (including a ski pole size chart)
  • Pole brands we love
  • Where to find the cheapest ski poles for sale. 

In the next 2 minutes, you’ll know exactly what size ski poles you’ll need, and where to buy them.

Bottom Line

If you’re not going to buy the right size ski poles, save yourself the cash and don’t bother buying any! The wrong size ski poles will hamper your time on the slopes, not help it.

Our short guide explains exactly what size ski poles you need. And once you’ve checked that out, you can check out the deals we found on ski poles from leading brands here

Ski Pole Size Chart

This ski pole size chart is essentially all you need to determine what size ski poles you need. 

Essentially, sizing is simply based on height: 

Your HeightPole Size (in cm)Pole Size (in inches)
6ft 7" and above14055+
6ft 4" - 6ft 6"13553-54
6ft 1" - 6ft 3"13051-52
5ft 10" - 6ft 0"12549
5ft 7" - 5ft 9"12047-48
5ft 4" - 5ft 6"11545-46
5ft 1" - 5ft 3"11043-44
4ft 9" - 5ft 0"10541-42
4ft 5" - 4ft 8"10040
4ft 1" - 4ft 4"9538-39
3ft 9" - 4ft 0"9036-37
3ft 5" - 3ft 8"8533-35
3ft 4" and below8032

Ski Pole Brands

Sorted! Using the size chart above, you know exactly what size ski poles you need. Now you need to know which ski poles are the best.

We won’t bore you with a long-winded post about one set of poles being 20g lighter than the next, or another set being $10 cheaper in comparison to another. 

Instead, all we’d say is stick to leading ski pole brands offering a decent warranty. We’ve listed brands that are worthy of your cash below.

The 10 Best Ski Pole Brands

  • Armada
  • Atomic
  • Black Crows
  • Black Diamond
  • Faction
  • K2
  • Line Skis
  • Rossignol
  • Salomon
  • Volkl

You can see check out all of these brands and what ski poles they offer over here.

Where To Find Cheap Ski Poles For Sale

Depending on the size ski poles you need (for instance, kids ski poles are much cheaper than adults) and the brand you choose, the cost is going to vary a great deal. Regardless, there are some specialist retailers online that are known for offering their ski poles for sale at really competitive prices. 

Overall, we found that this store offered the best deals on a range of ski pole sizes.

In Summary

And that’s it, our quick-fire guide to ski pole sizing. As we’ve mentioned, the right size ski poles are going to improve your posture and therefore, balance when skiing. There’s a ton of ski poles for sale from leading brands here

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Ski Pole Sizing FAQ

How do I measure a ski pole’s size?

To measure ski pole size you need to use a tape measure and measure from the bottom of the tip, right to the top of the grip. Even if you’re not measuring completely accurately, it should become obvious what size pole you have, as they’re generally only available in sizes coming in increments of around 5cm.

How much do ski poles cost?

Size and brand dependent, ski poles start at as little as $30 (for kids poles). Cost can rise to as much as $200 for a quality set of men's and women's poles. You can check out the cost of specific poles here

What size ski pole basket do I need?

The ski pole basket is the round cup just above the tip. The tip digs into the snow, and the basket stops the pole digging straight through. Standard cups are ideal for typical piste and powder. However, if you go off piste skiing in deep powder (especially XC), you’ll want a larger ski pole basket.