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Snowboard Bindings: Brand Guide + Editor’s Picks for 2021

by Grant Draper
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In Summary: Which snowboard bindings are the best for you?

Our page covering snowboard bindings takes 5 minutes to read. We’ve done the leg work researching bindings so you don’t have to.

Here’s a quick summary of what we found out from researching dozens of snowboard bindings from some of the top brands in the industry.

After trawling through online reviews, prices, warranty and more, our picks for the best snowboard bindings this year are: 

How We Picked

We started by compiling a list of brands offering the best snowboard bindings (you can see the full list below), from our experience on the slopes and our hours trawling snowboard gear online. 

Then, we looked at price, tech built into the snowboard bindings, warranty, purpose (for example, designed for all mountain snowboarding etc) and online reviews to short list our top 3 snowboard bindings this year. We’ve included a recommendation for men, women and kids.

All the recommendations on this page are available here, or you can read on for reviews on each product below.

Reviews: This year’s best snowboard bindings

Burton Step On Men’s Snowboard Bindings

burtons new step in snowboard bindings

Burton bindings are a brand that needs no introduction. If you’ve been on a skiing or snowboard trip before, there’s a good chance you already own some of their gear. 

We’re a big fan of step in bindings. It removes the hassle when going between ski lifts, and especially during a day après style.

And of all the variations of step ons on the market, Burton produces the best. They’re easy to couple with their step on boots, making your day on the slopes hassle free. 

Unfortunately, as most step on bindings and boots are focused on the functionality of being able to easily connect with your board, the actual board feel is really lacking, and weight is usually an issue too. But, that’s not the case with Burton’s.

You’ll get plenty of board feel thanks to the medium flex construction (they use the Re:Flex™ Binding System), and a solid base plate suitable for all mountain snowboarding. 

The highback setup provides stability by supporting your natural stance (not to mention your ankle and leg), and that's also helped along by their FLAD™ system that promotes your forward lean angle. 

Not happy with the preset lean angle? No problem. You can adjust the lean angle on the mens step on bindings in a matter of minutes and without the need for tools.

So, are the Burtons the best snowboard bindings for you? Coming with a 1-year warranty and getting change from $400 here, we think the Burton step ons are the best value all-mountain snowboard bindings currently on the market. 

You can read customer reviews and check the price of the Burton Step On bindings here.

Burton Lexa X EST Women's Snowboard Bindings

new burton womens bindings - Lexa X EST model

Next we’ve got our pick for the best snowboard bindings for women; the Burton Lexa X EST

And you’ll notice a positive straight away in comparison to the Burton Step Ons mentioned above; the Lexas are about $100 cheaper.  That represents a really low price considering the tech Burton has managed to pack in. 

Unlike the Step Ons, the womens Burton Lexa X EST aren’t designed with ease of strapping in mind. Instead, they’re focused purely on performance when you hit the slopes; maximum manoeuvrability and aggression.

With the Burton womens bindings the distance between the binding and board is the lowest of any binding currently on the market. The lower center of gravity means you’re more stable at high speeds, but still have the ability to aggressively carve at low speeds too. 

We’ve chosen the Lexa X EST due to them being a medium flex binding, making them perfect for all mountain snowboards. Whether you’re on the piste, off piste or park, the Lexa X EST is going to give you the feel you need. 

And, that’s mostly thanks to the EST® Binding System that Burton has used. The main aim with the EST system is to reduce weight to its bare minimum without jeopardising board feel or manoeuvrability. And, based on a ton of reviews we found here, Burton have managed to get the perfect balance. 

You’d think then, that comfort is compromised, but that’s not the case either. The Lexa X EST uses Burton’s Sensory BED Cushioning System™ inclusive of B3 Gel. That means optimum comfort throughout your day on the slopes.

Looking for the best snowboard bindings for women? You can read reviews as well as buy them (for under $300) with a 1 year warranty over at this store here

Flow Micron Kid's Snowboard Bindings

kids snowboard bindings from Flow in blue and black

If you’ve been after some bindings for your kids, the Flow Micron is where you need to be at. 

We’ve picked them as the best snowboard bindings for kids based on specs and the reviews we found online (there’s a few reviews you can read here). 

As you can see, the price of the Flow Microns is ridiculously cheap. Mens and womens bindings tend to sit in the $300-500 range, which is a sizable investment. 

A quality set of kids bindings are generally going to set you back around $200, but the Flow Micro kids bindings weigh in at just $130 here; that’s pretty-awesome value for money. 

But what do you get for that money?

Well, first up, Flow is going to give you a 1 year manufacturers warranty with your purchase. The fact they’re rear entry bindings makes them ridiculously easy to put on and take off between ski lifts. 

And, whether your mini-shredder is a complete beginner or intermediate and beyond, the Flow Micro kids snowboard bindings are going to be suitable. 

The MICRON base plate allows the board to flex, as it has minimal contact patches in comparison to other kids' snowboard bindings on the market. They use a soft flex architecture making them suitable for all mountain, park, piste or off piste; your kid's progression isn’t going to be hindered by Flow bindings, that’s for sure. 

The problem with flexible boards, boots and bindings? It’s hard to make them comfortable. But, that’s not going to be an issue here either. The highback setup combined with the EVA cushioning means these are one of the most comfortable kids bindings that you can buy, and they’re also one of the cheapest.

Support comes from a Fusion UniFit Powerstrap and Micron-Latch Buckles, reducing the risk of injury. And the feature list just keeps on going…

If you’re looking for the best cheap snowboard bindings for kids, the Flow Micron is a worthy contender for your cash. You can get a pretty-good deal on them here.

The 14 Best Snowboard Binding Brands

Above are what we consider to be the best snowboard bindings available this year. But, if they’re not within budget or you prefer a different design, there are plenty of other options. 

We tend to avoid cheap snowboard bindings from no-name brands. They don’t offer the durability or comfort that can be found with the leading brands in the industry. Flex is minimal at best and they rarely have a solid highback system which is what offers you support, and protection from injury.

Looking to buy snowboard bindings not on our review list? Make sure you stick to our list of the 14 best bindings brands below, all of which are available here

  1. Arbor
  2. Bent Metal
  3. Burton
  4. Fix
  5. Flow
  6. Flux
  7. GNU
  8. K2
  9. Nitro
  10. Ride
  11. Rome
  12. Rossignol
  13. Roxy
  14. Salomon

Which snowboard bindings do we recommend?

So, a quick recap. We trawled through dozens of different snowboard bindings - including rear entry and even step ins - to find the absolute top products on the market.

We’re picking the following products as the best snowboard bindings this year: 

If you’re not sold on those specific recommendations, just remember to stick to our brand recommendations above. They provide every type of snowboard bindings you can think of, including: 

  • Strap in bindings
  • Rear-entry bindings
  • Step-on Bindings

What’s Next?

Enjoyed our guide to the best snowboard bindings, including brand recommendations? 

We constantly write up guides like this, gear reviews like our one covering the best snowboard brands and more.

So, bookmark this page and check back soon to see what’s new.