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Snowboard Package Guide: Brands, Reviews + Bundle Recommendations

by Grant Draper
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In Summary: Which snowboard packages are the best for you?

Looking at snowboard packages and getting lost in a ton of technical terminology? Our guide to the best snowboard packages has led us to do a ton of research, so you don’t have to. 

The guide below covers a range of bundles suitable for men, women and kids; it should take around 5 minutes to read. 

Want to get right to it?

Based on our hours of research, here are our top snowboard package picks for this year:

Or, keep reading to see how we picked, what we picked and our guide to snowboard package brands.

How We Picked

We’re constantly gawping at snowboard gear, whether that’s over at White Lines - or our favorite forums - Snow Heads and Snowboarding Forum. So, we like to think we kinda’ know what we’re looking for, and we’re in a position to recommend the best snowboard packages without “Googling it”.

However, to make sure we covered all bases, we put together a list of our favorite brands from our experience riding the slopes, as well as our years reading online product reviews. 

From there, we wanted to filter that down to simply offer one snowboard package for each category:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Kids

So, we filtered down to a few of the best snowboard brands, and shortlisted product ranges by comparing features such as:

  • Package cost
  • Warranty
  • Binding flex
  • Board flex and pop
  • Boot durability
  • Base plate setup
  • Customer reviews covering build quality, durability, comfort and more.

And after all that, here are the 3 best snowboard packages for men, women and kids for this year.

Reviews + Editor Picks: This year’s best snowboard packages

Men’s Snowboard Package

Lib Tech T.Rice Orca Board ​+ Union Falcor Snowboard Bindings

mens snowboard package with lib tech board and union bindings

Looking for the best mens snowboard package? We’re picking the Lib Tech T.Rice Orca snowboard coupled with the Union Falcor bindings, and here’s why… 

First up, as a package you’ll be getting a 1 year warranty on the board, and a limited lifetime warranty on bindings. Which is more than you’re going to get with most bundles, especially those with a price point of under $1000 like this one

The setup of the Lib Tech and Union bindings is on the stiffer side, which means it’s generally going to be suited to an intermediate snowboarder and not a complete beginner. 

Riding at inter level? You’re going to be able to make the most out of the setup’s stability, versatility, huge level of float and pop. And, that’s mostly thanks to the fact that the setup combined is lightweight; a few pounds lighter than bundles at the same price point.

Lib Tech Snowboard

If you’re a sucker for online reviews, you’ll already know that the Lib Tech T.Rice Orca is one getting some of the best ratings on the web. It’s got everything you need from pop through to stability, enabling you to ride piste, off piste and park with ease. Essentially...it’s an all mountain snowboard, and one of the all round best in the business.

Union Bindings

In terms of build quality, the Union Falcor bindings are about as good as it gets. Expect precision engineering with only the best materials being used; that means fused vaporlite and forged carbon. 

Sure, that makes these mens bindings light, but it also makes them incredibly durable too. And the comprehensive strapping system means these are one of the most supportive bindings that money can buy.

Looking for a top quality mens snowboard package? The Lib Tech + Union setup is the one for you. And you can read customer reviews as well as find it for sale for under $1000 here

Women’s Snowboard Package

Season Nexus ​Snowboard +  Burton Lexa X Bindings

womens snowboard package with season board and burton bindings

We trawled through a range of women’s snowboard packages, and this one’s an absolute beauty

Want the best bang for your buck? You want to be heading for the Season Nexus board, which is coupled to make a bundle with the Burton Lexa X bindings (we picked the Lexa X as the best women’s snowboard bindings here).

Season Snowboard

Already been searching snowboard reviews online? It’s likely the Season Nexus has cropped up more than a few times. 

The Season Nexus women’s board offers a medium flex setup. And that makes it a lot more forgiving than some of the stiffer boards on the market; suitable for beginners, intermediates and experts.

What does medium flex actually mean? It means whether you’re riding on powder, hardpack or park, you’ll have the ability to carve aggressively, or float along effortlessly - whatever your energy level dictates at the time! Put simply, it makes snowboarding more enjoyable...which after all, is why we are on the slopes in the first place.

And the best thing about this bundle? It’s not actually too expensive. This package inclusive of snowboard and bindings is less than $800 (a limited lifetime warranty on the board, and 1 year on the bindings)…check it out here.

With many of the top packages being $1,000 and beyond, we think that’s a pretty good deal.

Burton Bindings

And if you’re impressed by the board in this bundle, you’ll be even more impressed by the bindings. 

Burton bindings are some of the best, and the women’s Lexa X won’t disappoint. You’ll get all the flex you need, yet you’re fully supported, protected and ridiculously comfortable at the same time. 

How? The Burton bindings use a Re:Flex™ Binding System for strapping support, but also incorporate a ton of cushioning (which can’t be said for cheap snowboard bindings). And, that’s complemented by a high back and reinforced rubber heel; comfort and support at its max!

Want to read reviews, and get a stonking deal on the Season board (limited lifetime warranty) and the Burton bindings (1 year warranty)? You’ll find them for sale over here, and for a pretty-good price too!

Kid’s Snowboard Package

Rossignol Jibfluence Board ​+ Flow Micron Kids Bindings

kids snowboard package rossignol board and flow bindings

Thought we’d forgotten our grom shredders? Think again. The Rossignol Jibfluence board combined with the Flow Micron (editor’s pick for the best kids snowboard bindings here) is a ridiculously good package, and well priced too. 

So, what can you expect?

Rossignol Snowboard

The Rossignol Jibfluence kids snowboard has a ton of good reviews online, and it’s easy to see why. 

Whilst it’s a suitable kids snowboard package for those at beginner level, they’ll not outgrow the board in terms of performance until they’re in need of an adult snowboard package, years down the line. 

The Amptek Auto Turn technology featured in the Rossignol includes a 80/20 rocker/camber setup and that makes it easy to ride powder, but carve aggressively too. Then, the True Twin and Rad Cut means that it’s easy to keep stable and maneuver at the same time. 

Rossignol knows that mini shredders need a lightweight setup, and that’s achieved with a durable low bulk wooden core. That doesn’t just keep the weight down, but improves pop too. 

You can get the Rossignol as part of a kids snowboard package for around $400 here, and the board will come with a 1 year warranty.

Flow Bindings

We love Flow snowboard bindings, and your kids will too. Setup with a medium flex, they allow kids to progress to intermediate riders quickly. 

And, part of the bindings’ quality comes from the AXIS-Series highbacks. Whilst it offers flex, it also offers support; we all know how easy it is to injure an ankle on the slopes. With the highback setup alongside the Exo-Frame PowerStrap, that’s simply not going to happen. 

Another cool feature worth noting is the Power Triangle base plate. It creates a solid center of gravity between the baseplate and highback, allowing your mini shredder to transfer weight and energy quickly on the slopes. 

We love the Rossignol + Flow package for kids. You can read online reviews and find it for sale for just over $400 here. And we think that’s an absolute steal!

The 16 Best Snowboard Package Brands

So the above covers our picks for the best snowboard packages for men, women and kids. But, what if you’ve found what looks like a mega deal on a snowboard set not mentioned here? 

Whilst we avoid cheap snowboard bundles, there are plenty of brands we’d be more than happy with. If you want a bundle inclusive of board, bindings and boots, you’ll want to find ones for sale from the leading manufacturers in the industry. 

Below is a list of the best snowboard brands producing package deals, and includes snowboarding favorites such as GNU, Burton and Lib Tech. Stick to these brands if you’re veering from our recommendations (all the brands on this list can be found here):

  1. Arbor
  2. Burton
  3. CAPiTA
  4. DC
  5. GNU
  6. Jones
  7. K2
  8. Lib Tech
  9. Nidecker
  10. Ride
  11. Rome
  12. Rossignol
  13. Roxy
  14. Salomon
  15. Season
  16. Yes.

Where to Find Snowboard Package Deals

Although there are plenty of generic ecommerce retailers offering board bundles, they’re not necessarily the cheapest nor do they tend to offer boards, bindings and boots from leading brands. 

As with wake, ski and surf gear, we like to go to stores that specialize in water and snowsports. If you’re looking for cheap snowboard package deals, we can recommend checking out the reviews and prices here

They have brands from Season to Rossignol and regularly promote package deals at a discount. And, they have a huge range of snowboard bundles specifically designed for men, women and children. 

Which snowboard packages do we recommend?

That wraps up our guide to the best snowboard packages for all types of riders. And, just to recap, here are the snowboard bundles we’re recommending: 

Liked our snowboard bundle guide? We’ve written a ton of product reviews like our one covering snowboard bindings, and are constantly adding more. 

So, add our page to your bookmarks and pop back soon to see what cool stuff we’ve found.