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Snowboard Size Chart - What Length Snowboard Do I Need?

by Grant Draper
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You’ve made snowboarding your next hobby, and gear is en-route. You need a board, and you need the right one.

Learning what size snowboard you need is confusing. So, we’ve made it ridiculously easy (as in, you’ll have your answer within 2 minutes).

Below, we’ve included a snowboard size chart, which shows you what size snowboard you need at a glance.

And, if you want to understand what really determines suitable snowboarding sizing, we’ve covered the 4 most important factors after the chart...

Snowboard Size Chart

This snowboard sizing chart gives you an idea of the range in cm you’ll be wanting in terms of length.

Remember, there are factors beyond your height and weight that determine snowboard sizing that’s suitable to your riding (we’ve explained them in the next section).

Board Size (cm)Height (cm)Height (ft and in.)Weight (lbs)
128cm - 136cm142cm - 152cm4ft 8' - 4ft 11'100lbs - 115lbs
133cm - 141cm153cm - 156cm5ft -5ft 1'115lbs - 130lbs
139cm - 147cm157cm - 162cm5ft 2' - 5ft 3'120lbs - 135lbs
144cm - 152cm163cm - 166cm5ft 4' - 5ft 5'130lbs - 145lbs
149cm - 157cm167cm - 172cm5ft 6' - 5ft 7'140lbs - 155lbs
154cm - 162cm173cm - 176cm5ft 8' - 5ft 9'150lbs - 165lbs
159cm - 165cm177cm - 182cm5ft 10' - 5ft 11'160lbs - 175lbs
160cm or longer183cm - 187cm6ft - 6ft 1'170lbs - 185lbs
165cm or longer188cm - 192cm6ft 2+180lbs - 200lbs
165cm or longer193cm or taller6ft 4'+ or taller190lbs - 200lbs+

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4 Factors That Affect What Size Snowboard You Need


The weight of a rider is the most important factor when it comes to snowboard sizing, and that’s why it’s the first thing you’ll need to make a note of before using the size chart above.

A board that is too short will be extremely hard to control as you build speed, due to weight flexing the board too much. That’s almost certainly going to lead to you bailing, and probably injuring yourself in the process.

Purchased a board that’s too long? You’re going to have the opposite problem. You’ll struggle to make the board flex, so slow speed maneuverability is going to nothing short of horrific!


After weight, your height is the next most important factor. In general, weight and height offers enough information about a rider to select the right board size, but it’s not an exact science. 

Sometimes, your height can help to more accurately determine what size snowboard you need. For instance, if you’re weight puts you looking at a snowboard that’s 135-140cm, if you’re at the higher end of the height table, you’ll want to be at the higher end in terms of length too (140cm).


One of the most common questions we are asked is the difference between women’s and men’s snowboards. You’ll notice stores offer male and female specific boards (you can compare them here).

The answer, in a roundabout way is, there isn’t any difference, aside from design. 

A lot of websites cite things like women’s boards are shorter (because women are typically lighter and shorter) and the waists are smaller (because women’s feet are typically smaller). 

Whilst women might be lighter, shorter and have a smaller shoe size (in general), board sizing is exactly the same. Plug in 5”5, 80kg into any good snowboard size calculator, regardless of whether you’re a man or woman, the result is going to be the same.

Shoe Size & Board Waist

Most people focus too much on the length of their snowboard, and not on the width (also known as waist). The size waist you need is directly affected by your shoe size. 

Essentially, if you buy a snowboard with a waist size that is too small, then your feet will dangle over the edge, and get caught up in the powder. 

On the flip side, if your waist size is too big, then you’re going to find that you’re not able to get a good balance point throughout your run, making all aspects of maneuverability extremely difficult.

Ready To Ride?

That’s it. Our snowboard size guide should have helped you determine what board you need. There’s a ton of cool boards you can check out here at reasonable prices.

Enjoyed our snowboard sizing chart? We constantly post up cool tips and reviews (like our piece covering night ski goggles). So, bookmark our snowboard page and check back soon.

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