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What is a Snowboard Stomp Pad, and Do You Need One?

by Grant Draper
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Just bought your first board and want to make sure it’s ready for riding? One thing you’ve likely come across on snowboard shops is stomp pads. 

This quick-fire guide is going to explain exactly what a stomp pad is, what it’s used for, how much they cost, if you need one and which ones are the best.

Snowboard Stomp Pads: 7 Frequently Asked Questions Answered

snowboard stomp pad from Burton

Below we've got a FAQ covering everything you need to know about stomp pads for snowboards. Want go right ahead and check out the different stomp pads available? There's a good selection over at this snow store here.

What is a snowboard stomp pad used for?

A snowboard stomp pad has a grippy top surface (for rider grip) and an adhesive bottom (to stick to the board). It’s used for grip when riding between ski lifts.

Generally, riders unclip themselves from one binding, in order to make it easier to get on and off ski lifts. Stomp pads provide traction on a board for the foot that isn’t in the binding. Without it, it’s likely these riders would slip and end up on the floor.

Do you need a traction pad for your snowboard?

You don’t NEED a stomp traction pad for your snowboard, it’s a simple matter of personal preference. A lot of riders will unclip, and lean their back foot on the profile of the bindings. This generally gives enough support so that your foot doesn’t slip off, yet it’s easy enough to move it to skate over to a lift, or to the local café!

What are the different types of traction pads for boards?

Most decent shops will offer snowboard stomp pads that have either metal or rubber studs. Again, this is a matter of personal preference, we think rubber are better. There's a ton of choice at this board store here.

Although it would make sense that a metal stud would dig into your boots and offer more grip, from experience a rubber stomp pad offers the same grip, if not a little more. 

What is the best snowboard stomp pad?

There are a ton of different traction pads on the market. One of the best snowboard stomp pad brands is Crab Grab. Although alongside Crab Grab pads, we’d be inclined to buy anything from Burton too; pretty much anything you like the look of, or is on sale at your local snowboard store. 

How much do stomp pads for snowboards cost?

Not a lot. A new release from a company like Crab Grab is generally going to give you change from $30. And there are regular sales on traction pads, meaning you could grab one for as little as $10. That’s a pretty good deal given pads are going to help you spend less time on your backside!

What’s the best place to put a traction pad on a snowboard?

You’ll want it placed near to your back foot’s binding (but not flush with it as you won’t be able to fit your whole foot on it otherwise). For regular riders, that means stomp placement is next to the binding where your right foot goes. And for goofy riders, you’ll be placing your stomp pad next to your left binding.

How do I install a stomp pad on my snowboard?

Grab your snowboard boots and lean your back foot against the back binding (again, regular riders right foot, goofy riders, left foot). Notice where your boot touches the board, and place the pad in the position where the boot will connect with it the most. 

Make sure your board is clean and dry, and stored inside for a few hours to increase its core temperature. Increasing the temperature of the board with a hair dryer (very carefully, and from a distance) will help the adhesive stick. 

Remove the adhesive and place the pad in the place you noted earlier, and make sure you leave the pad to dry for a few hours (a full day if possible). Job done!

In Summary

Snowboard stomp pads offer grip when skating between lifts, or when the slope ends, not to mention they can protect your board from scratches.

They’re easy to fit, cheap to buy, and whilst not essential, for the sake of a few dollars, they’re worth well purchasing. 

We’d recommend any stomp pad from Crab Grab or Burton; available here.