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Step On Snowboard Bindings Guide + Burton Step On Review

by Grant Draper
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Bottom Line: What are step on bindings, and should you buy Burton’s?

Step on bindings, as the name suggests, are designed for maximum convenience on the piste. Instead of faffing around with straps, the strapless 3-point locking system means you’ll be on your way within a matter of seconds. 

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or expert - if you want a more convenient ride but don’t want to compromise board feel - the Burton Step On snowboard bindings are for you

You’ll enjoy your day more both on and off the board, and priced at around $270, they’re not exactly going to break the bank. 

Benefits of Step On Bindings

Put simply, using step on snowboard bindings over a traditional setup makes your ride more enjoyable. It’s easier to get out of your bindings for ski lifts, when hitting a bar or even when stopping for lunch. And getting back into them is an absolute breeze. 

Here is why more and more riders are switching to clip ins over traditional bindings:

  • The same secure fit thanks to clip in setup, time after time
  • Removing the need for straps means locking in takes a couple of seconds
  • Secure mount system gives solid board feel in all conditions
  • Riders still get the same board feel as they do with regular bindings
  • Ridiculously easy to get in and out of.

The Best Step On Snowboard Bindings

There aren’t a ton of different step on snowboard bindings available, as it’s fairly new technology in the snowboarding industry. Currently, the biggest players in the market are Burton and K2. 

The question is, which ones are the best? 

After comparing prices, online reviews and feature lists, we’re choosing the Burton Step On bindings, which we’ve reviewed below. 

Burton Step On Snowboard Bindings Review

burton snowboard bindings clip up side view

Our quick review covers all the most important things to consider before making the switch to Burton Step On bindings from your traditional setup. 

Check out our review to see why riders are seeing this as a complete game changer on the slopes, and more and more are switching every season...

How Step On Bindings Work

I know what you’re thinking. Surely you can’t just clip in within a few seconds and be secure on your board? It must take a minute or two, like it does with bindings that have straps?

I thought that too, but...it really is as easy as that. 

The Burton clip ins take a few seconds to get in and out of. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or expert, these bindings are a game changer in terms of making your day on the slopes that little bit more enjoyable. 

No more faffing with straps, or trying to get those straps into the exact same position as you managed to last time for the perfect contrast of comfort and support (which let’s face it, never happens).

Want to see how they work? Here’s a quick video from Burton showing how the clip ins work.


If you want a set of step ons from another brand, you’re going to be looking at K2. Specifically, you’ll be looking at the K2 Clicker X HB which retail at $260. That’s only $10 less than the Burtons, so there’s not really much in it cost wise. 

If you compare both the K2 and the Burtons back to back with traditional bindings (which can be $500+ in some cases), they’re cheap and offer excellent value for money.

Both men’s and women’s Burton step ons can be found here for just below $270.

Snowboard Boot Compatibility 

It’s worth noting that the Burton Step On bindings work with Burton’s own brand step on specific boots. So, if you already have a full setup, this is an additional cost you’ll need to factor in. 

If you’re just starting out and you need snowboard boots anyway, the prices of the Burton boots in comparison to normal snowboard boots are comparable, so no biggie there. 

We’ve listed the current range of Burton boots that are suitable for the clip ins below. They range from $310-530 and can be found here

Men’s Burton Step On Boots
  • Burton Photon
  • Burton Ion 
  • Burton Ruler 
Women’s Burton Step On Boots
  • Burton Felix 
  • Burton Limelight 

Base Plate Features

burton snowboard step on bindings close up boot mounting system

The base plate on snowboard bindings helps to give them flex and feel, so Burton have spent a ton of time making sure this base plate is nothing short of perfect.

It combines short-glass and nylon composite. That gives the rider a responsive feel in any scenario, whether that’s all-mountain or park. 

You’ll also get a combination of the Re:Flex™ FullBED technology (Burton’s underfoot cushioning system) and their Re:Flex™ binding system (which provides the natural feel and flex that every rider wants and needs). 

Flex Rating

The base plate setup mentioned above helps to give a medium flex setup, which makes Burtons perfect for coupling with an all-mountain board. 

The responsive feel combined with the medium flex setup means the Burton Step On bindings are better suited to intermediate and expert riders. Beginners might find them harder to learn on initially, but faster to improve on long term in comparison to bindings specifically suited for new snowboarders.

Angles & Support

We know a lot of riders might be pessimistic when it comes to the support system on offer from not just the Burtons, but all clip in bindings. The fact is, the 3 point fixing system means that getting in and out is a breeze.

But when you’re in, you’re just as supported as you would be in a traditional set of snowboard bindings. 

A lot of that is thanks to the FLAD™ system. That’s a high back setup giving support to your ankle and lower leg, with a slight forward lean angle for that perfect stance. And, it’s that lean angle that helps when it comes to aggressive carving, or jibbing on ice. 

Not happy with how the setup comes as standard? With hardware and adjusters easy to access, you can fine tune the clip ons from Burton on the fly.


You’ve probably seen a ton of cheap no-name brands offering step on bindings, a little cheaper than the likes of K2 and Burton. Our advice? Avoid them. 

It's a false economy to be buying bindings to save a few dollars that don’t offer the same board feel, not to mention they won’t offer the superior durability or comfort that the likes of Burton and K2 do. And, if they do break, it’s unlikely they have a warranty.

Both the men’s and women’s step on bindings from Burton come with an impressive 1-year warranty as standard. 

Online Reviews

You can read magazine reviews and product specs until you go blue in the face. 

What do we prefer to do? Check out reviews from people that ACTUALLY use these bindings. 

And if you jump over here, you’ll see over 30+ reviews from customers who have found the Burton’s and step on bindings in general to be an absolute revelation. 

What are they loving about them? 

  • Easy to get in and out of
  • Extremely responsive
  • Reasonably priced (especially considering traditional snowboard bindings can be $500+).

Who are the Burton Step On Bindings Suitable for?

burton step on bindings rear view

Put simply, the Burton Step On bindings are suitable for riders with a reasonable amount of snowboarding experience; you consider yourself and intermediate or expert.

Or, you’re a beginner who doesn’t mind it being harder to learn initially, to progress quicker once you dial in the basics.

You want an experience on the slopes that means less faffing with bindings on and off between lifts, bars and lunch breaks. And, you don’t want to spend a ton of money. But at the same time, you don’t want convenience to compromise board feel on the slopes.

Sound like you? Then the Burton Step On bindings are where you need to be headed.

With the Step Ons from Burton priced at $270 including a 1-year warranty, it’s a small price to pay to enhance your next boarding trip.

Wrapping it up

And that’s our guide to step on bindings and our review of the Burton’s, done! Liked our guide today? 

We regularly post up stuff like this, gear guides like our one covering snowboard packages, and more. Bookmark our homepage and drop in soon to see what’s new!

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