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How Much is a Surfboard? [Cost Guide and FAQs]

by Grant Draper
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So you want to get into surfing, but aren’t sure about the upfront costs to get you ready to ride?

Surfing gear including your wetsuit, rash guard and boots are a big expense. But the biggest expense you’re going to face is your board.

Our cost guide gives a generic view on how much a surfboard is. But, we’ll also explain a few things that can affect the price, and potentially, that can save you a few notes!

Surfboard Costs: Top 5 FAQs

Surfboard costs range dramatically. Shortboards, those suited for a beginner, longboards, shortboards, custom and even second hand examples all vary in price. You can compare prices here on shortboards and longboards.

The price guide below is going to help you determine what you need to be looking for, and how much you should expect to pay.

How much does a surfboard cost?

The average price of a quality surfboard is in the region of $600. However, you’ll be able to get quality surfboards for as cheap as $250, and there are plenty for sale towards $1,000 and beyond.

What price point should you be looking at for your first surfboard?

Go for something cheap. There’s a good chance as a beginner, you’ll ding up your first surfboard pretty bad. Even a $100 secondhand surfboard is going to do the trick. What you really need to be focusing on, is getting the correct sized board. 

Looking to buy a brand new beginner surfboard? Expect to pay in the region of $400 and upwards for something of high quality, there's a nice range to choose from here.

Are foam boards a cheap option for beginners?

If you’re just looking to get out on the surf, and aren’t too bothered about progressing to intermediate and beyond, a foam board could be the best option. Typically, a good beginner surfboard will be $400 or more, whereas a beginner foam board costs somewhere in the region of $200-250. It’s a cheap way to get involved with the sport!

How much is a custom shortboard?

Custom shortboards are available for as little as $600. However, expect to pay over $1,000 for a high quality custom shortboard.

Does it cost a lot to make your own surfboard?

Yes! Without getting into the finer details, you’ll need to start with a surfboard blank. A good one is going to cost in excess of $200. Then you’ll have to add on the cost of the fins and leash; you’ll quickly be breaking the $300 mark. 

Even assuming you have the skillset to create a custom board, this still isn’t a mega cheap option. 

In Summary

You’ve got a ton of options here. As a beginner, you could be spending as little as $100 on a secondhand board from marketplaces such as eBay.

However, if you’re looking to invest a little more, or are an experienced surfer, you might need to budget $600-1,000, and beyond if you’re looking for a custom surfboard. The quickest way to compare prices is to checkout this surf store here.

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