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Our Picks: The 5 Best Wakeboards Right Now

by David
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Bottom Line

There are some great wakeboards around right now, but in the end the unbeatable speed and pop of the Ronix One Time Bomb made it our pick for the best wakeboard this year. For beginners we opted for the Hyperlite Skate 2.0.

However, with both of these boards being best suited for boat waking, we picked the Hyperlite Wishbone as our top pick for those who prefer to do their wakeboarding in cable parks.

And for those on a budget, we highly recommend the super affordable Hyperlite Motive.

These are the best wakeboards in 2020

  1. Hyperlite Skate 2.0 - best for beginners
  2. Ronix One Time Bomb - best for experienced wakeboarders
  3. Hyperlite Wishbone - most popular and best for cable parks
  4. Liquid Force Remedy - best from an up and coming brand
  5. Hyperlite Motive - best affordable wakeboard

How we picked

We spent around 11 hours researching wakeboards from the leading wakeboard brands. We considered price, features, the reputation of the wakeboard brand, and real customer reviews to make our decision, and in the end whittled down our choice to just 5 wakeboards.

We also made sure there was a wakeboard option for all budgets and experience levels, and have a mix of cable park and boat wakeboards.

Reviews: This year’s best wakeboards

1. Hyperlite Skate 2.0 - best for beginners

The Hyperlite Skate 2.0 sits somewhere in the middle budget wise. But beginner wakeboarders are going to appreciate just how easy it is to get out on the water and start wakeboarding with this board.

Hyperlite designed the board with a shorter toe-side edge. Which makes it super maneuverable, and much easier for beginners to take on wake jumps than a standard shaped board.

For balance, the heel-side edge is longer, which gives the Skate 2.0 a unique, asymmetrical appearance. And although the overall surface area of the board is smaller than a standard wakeboard, this asymmetry still allows for plenty of pop.

If you’re just starting out in wakeboarding, the Hyperlite Skate 2.0 is our top pick for you.


Ideal wakeboard for beginners
Plenty of speed and pop
Mid budget


More advanced wakeboarders will probably prefer a more traditional board shape
best for beginners
Hyperlite Skate 2.0

The Hyperlite Skate 2.0 is our pick for the best wakeboard for beginners this year.

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2. Ronix One Time Bomb - best for experienced wakeboarders

All things considered, the Ronix One Time Bomb is our pick for this year’s best overall wakeboard.

It has an insane amount of pop, and if you’re looking to add some height (and distance) to your jumps, then this is the board for you.

Although with that being said, we’d consider this a board for more experienced wakeboarders. It’s going to ride high on the water, which will help it glide and produce more speed through the waves. And that speed might be a little too much for beginners to handle.

But if speed, pop for days, and towering jumps are your thing, then the Ronix One Time Bomb is going to be the perfect choice.


  • Maximum pop
  • Rides high on the water for extra glide and more speed
  • Extra height on jumps
  • Perfect for experienced wakeboarders


  • Not for beginners
  • Boat board, so not ideal for cable parks

3. Hyperlite Wishbone - most popular and best for cable parks

hyperlite wishbone

With mid pop and flex, the Hyperlite Wishbone is a good all-rounder, and one of the most popular wakeboards available right now.

The Wishbone’s machined wood core makes it most suitable for cable parks, with strategic slots cut through the core to reduce the weight of the board, and allow for more air time.

An ABS sidewall will protect your board from side impacts, and the layered glass will also help to prevent delaminating, and preserve the longevity of your board.

A great wakeboard, which is popular for a reason.


  • Mid pop and flex make the Hyperlite Wishbone a good all round wakeboard
  • ABS sidewall protects the board from side impacts
  • Layered glass prevents delam and ensures the board retains its pop


  • Cable board, so not ideal for boats
  • Not the cheapest board around

4. Liquid Force Remedy - best from an up and coming brand

liquid force remedy

Liquid Force is a Californian Wakeboard brand, which doesn’t quite have the same recognition as Ronix and Hyperlite, but is impressing us with their selection of boards.

Our favorite board from their current line up is the Liquid Force Remedy, a 3 stage rocker, with a flatter center curve for speed and rail control.

The Remedy’s fiber glass and PU foam construction means it’s going to be a good fit for boat waking, with less flex than the wood core boards designed for park.

And with a split tip and quad fin setup, this is one of the most controllable wakeboards on the market.

Well worth a look.


  • Exceptional control
  • Perfect for boat waking
  • Great design


  • Probably a little stiff for cable parks

5. Hyperlite Motive - best affordable wakeboard

The Hyperlite Motive wakeboard is both a great choice for an affordable wakeboard, and also an alternative to the Skate 2.0 for beginners.

It’s a continuous rocker, which makes for predictable movement across the wake, and a forgiving, smooth ride. Wakeboarders who don’t enjoy rough landings will appreciate this board.

Hyperlite Motive also benefits from Hyperlite’s layered glass construction, which will protect it from delam, and help to retain a consistent pop year after year.

An affordable and fun wakeboard.


Predictable movement across the wake
Forgiving and smooth
Layered glass construction retains consistency


Best suited for boat wake

In Summary

It wasn’t easy to pick just 5 wakeboards out of this year’s selection. But we feel that there’s something for everyone on our list.

Each of these wakeboards is manufactured by a trusted brand so you can be sure it’s going to be super high quality and give you years of enjoyment on the wake.

We do however recognize that we’re a little heavy on boat wakeboards. So if you’re looking for an alternative to the Hyperlite Wishbone for park, we’d also recommend the affordable Liquid Force Eclipse, which was very close to making our top 5.

Wakeboard Buying FAQs

Here are some of the most important questions to consider when buying a new wakeboard.

what size wakeboard do i need?

The size of wakeboard that’s right for you is going to primarily depend on your weight. The table below shows the wakeboard size best suited for a variety of weights.

Rider Weight (lbs)Wakeboard Length (cm)
< 100< 130

What’s the difference between park and boat wakeboards?

The main difference between park and wakeboards is the materials used, which affect the stiffness of the board. Park boards will tend to have wood cores, which are more supple, while boat wakeboards are stiffer, giving you more a little more pop off the wake.

You can use a park board with a boat and vice verse, but it’s not ideal. So when choosing which wakeboard to buy you should consider the type of wakeboarding you’ll be doing most frequently.

What’s the difference between a 3 stage and continuous rocker?

The rocker is the curve on a wakeboard when you lay it on a flat surface. A continuous rocker has a smooth, flat arc, which will cause less friction on the wake and allow for higher speeds. A 3 stage rocker on the other hand has a more aggressive curve, which will give more pop off the wave, but cause more friction and provide less speed.

What are the best wakeboard brands?

Ronix, Hyperlite, and Liquid Force are our picks for the 3 best wakeboard brands in 2020. Buy a wakeboard from one of these brands and you can be confident you’re buying a quality wakeboard that’s going to stand the test of time.