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Wakeboard Package Guide: The Top Men's, Women’s & Kid's Combo Deals

by Grant Draper
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Bottom Line

You’ve hit your local wakeboard park, and you’re hooked. Now it’s time to gear up. Naturally, the most important purchases (and, the most expensive) you’re going to make, are your wakeboard and bindings.

We’ve already written up a quick guide to the best wakeboards here. That’s going to give you an idea of which wakeboards (and brands) are going to suit you. But, there’s a slight problem…

Buying wakeboards and bindings separately isn’t the cheapest way to get into the sport. Wake shops tend to discount wakeboard packages (the combined purchase of a board and bindings), and this guide is designed to explain which packages are the best, as well as exceptional value for money.

Top Wakeboard Package Brands 

We’ve listed our top picks below, but there are plenty of good packages out there. If you’re veering from our top picks, make sure you stick to the following wakeboard brands: 

  • Hyperlite
  • Ronix
  • Liquid Force
  • Slingshot
  • Obrien

All those brands are for sale at extremely good prices here.

How We Picked

We put aside 2 days to research not just wakeboards, but bindings too. Although we love a bargain, we also know you get what you pay for; so we left out cheap no-name brands and stuck to the brands known in the wakeboarding industry. 

From there, we shortlisted multiple wakeboards and sets of bindings specifically for men, women and kids; whittling that list down to a couple of packages for each category. 

And naturally, when we got to a point where the features between wakeboard and binding packages were close; it came down to price and warranty offered by the manufacturer. So below aren’t just the top combos, these are the ones offering you the chance to pick up an incredibly cheap wakeboard package from a top retailer.

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Men’s Wakeboard & Bindings Package

Liquid Force Raph ​& Idol 4D Combo

The Liquid Force Raph wakeboard and Idol 4D bindings are an excellent choice for wakeboarders looking for the best men's wakeboard package. This package features a top-of-the-line wakeboard with advanced technology, superior performance, and a customizable and comfortable fit.

The Liquid Force Raph wakeboard comes with a flex rating of 6 out of 10, meaning it's got plenty of give, but it's stiff enough to provide plenty of pop and make tricks easier than on a beginner board. The 2D flex zones also add to the board's versatility and allow for a smooth and easy ride. The Liquid Rail™ reinforcement also means that the board is more durable and can withstand more wear and tear than your average wakeboard.

When combined with the Liquid Force Idol 4D bindings, you've got a heck of a wakeboard setup. The Idol 4D bindings are suitable for basically any rider in the beginner to intermediate range, offering plenty of flex and support. The level of support comes from the 4D™ chassis, which allows for multiple stance options, and the flex from the Honeycomb™ floor, which provides a unique blend of responsiveness and flexibility for a comfortable ride.

What's cool about the Liquid Force wakeboard package is that you'll get a 1-year warranty on both the bindings and the board, providing peace of mind and protection for your investment.

The total cost of the Liquid Force bindings and wakeboard weighs in at around $1,000 M.S.R.P, but as we’ve said, there are plenty of deals to be had by buying this as a package deal. You’ll be able to grab savings of around 10% by buying them here

Overall, the Liquid Force Raph wakeboard and Idol 4D bindings are a top-of-the-line wakeboard package that offers advanced technology, superior performance, and a customizable and comfortable fit that caters to the needs of wakeboarding enthusiasts. This package is suitable for riders in the beginner to intermediate range, providing versatility and durability for a smooth and enjoyable ride on the water.

Women’s Wakeboard & Bindings Package

Ronix Quarter 'Til Midnight ​& Halo Combo

Whilst female board riders can use a unisex or a men’s combo, there are women’s packages out there, and some are on offer at ridiculously low prices, so are certainly worth a look. 

For the top women’s wakeboard package, we’ve gone with Ronix, a featured brand in our guide to the best wakeboards. 

The wakeboard in the combo deal we’ve chosen here is the Ronix Quarter 'Til Midnight, which has a revamped design for the 2021 season. It’s sleeker and lighter, that makes it easier to ride for long periods of time. More importantly, that combined with it’s increased flex means the dampening feel on landings is much better than prior models. 

The’Til Midnight board is coupled with the Ronix Halo bindings. And straight up, we’ll mention that they run with an open-toe; we know that’s not everyone's favorite (especially if you ride in cold weather). 

The Ronix Halo bindings offer the best support of the women’s bindings we could find thanks to the SuperStrap system; that’s going to reduce the risk of injury. And they’re stupidly comfy, thanks to the Stage 2 liner. 

Coming with a 1-year warranty, if you’re looking for a wakeboard package specifically for women, this is the one for you.

Whilst it retails at just under $700, we’ve found it for sale much cheaper here; the package is going to serve you from beginner to intermediate level.

Kid’s Wakeboard & Bindings Package

Hyperlite Boys & Girls Combos

When it comes to kids wakeboard packages, there was only one choice; Hyperlite. Hyperlite caters for kids in a way that other brands just don’t. And, they offer wakeboard packages specifically for both girls and boys. 

Like the other top picks on this list, both packages we shortlisted offer a superb 1-year warranty. And, they’re ridiculously cheap! You’ll see other package deals at $1,000 or more. For the Hyperlite kids combo deal? You’ll have change from $400. 


Here’s the package we picked for boys: 

  • Hyperlite Motive board
  • Hyperlite Remix Jr. bindings

And, we found a cracking deal on it here


Looking for girl’s wakeboard packages? Here’s what we’ve got on our shortlist: 

  • Hyperlite Divine board
  • Hyperlite Allure bindings

The best deal we could find on this combo will give you change from $400 and is available here

How to Protect Your Wakeboard

We’re not quite done yet…

A wakeboard package isn’t exactly cheap, so you’re going to want to protect it. And, the easiest way to protect it, is by transporting it in a wakeboard bag. 

Bags start at around $45, rising to around $200. There’s a good selection here, with plenty available from leading brands such as Ronix, Hyperlite and Liquid Force.

In Summary

So that’s it. The best wakeboard packages for men, women and kids, coming from leading brands including Ronix, Hyperlite and Liquid Force. You can grab any of the packages mentioned in this post here

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Wakeboard Packages FAQ

How much does a wakeboard package cost?

The cheapest wakeboard packages are in the $400 range. However, costs can rise quickly, with some combo deals priced at $1,000 or higher. Budgeting $500-800 will you see you grab a package that will have you sorted from beginner to intermediate level.

What size wakeboard do I need?

Wakeboard sizing is determined (typically), by your weight. If you buy a board that’s too small, you won’t float correctly. And, if you buy a board that’s too big, you’re going to struggle to manoeuvre the board (carving, doing tricks etc).

Rider Weight (lbs)Wakeboard Length (cm)
< 100< 130

Where is the best place to find cheap wakeboard packages for sale?

There’s a ton of wake stores online. The most notable are Amazon, Evo and The House. However, we found the best store for both selection and price is here